There aren’t any opera tours these days or probably ever again (enough is enough), but in early September 2012 I am organizing a bike rally.

Headquartered in Entrecasteaux where accommodations are comfortable and evening dinners are agreeable, we will ride as many of these circuits as we want.

30 K Round Trips

Entrecasteaux to Carces 9 K
Carces to Cotignac 9 K
Cotignac to Entrecasteaux 10 K
Total 29 K

Entrecasteaux to Salernes 8 K
Salernes to site de Saint Barthélémy 5 K
Saint Barthélémy to Villecroze (via petit chemin) to Entrecasteaux 17 K
Total 30 K

Entrecasteaux to the Abbaye de Thoronet via Carces 15.5 K
Abbaye de Thoronet to Entrecasteaux via route de Carces 16 K
31.5 K

Entrecasteaux to Chateau de Berne 17 K
Return to Entrecasteaux via Lorgues 16 K
Total 33 K

30 K One Ways

Entrecasteaux to Montfort via Carces 13.5 K
Montfort to Chateauvert via Correns 12.5 K
Chateauvert to Barjols 8 K
Total 34 K

Barjols to Entrecasteaux via Sillans la Cascade
Total 30 K